Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fuitless but fruitful

I did not get much accomplished today other than applying for a few MOA positions. I have been emailing clinics and such asking if they are currently hiring in hopes that if that maybe I can snag a position before it gets advertised. Nothing yet, tomorrow the phones calls will start. Where I start calling and asking. Only for a while though as I need to head to the college to pay my tuition for my practicum then off to take Katie to the orthodontist.
Other than that I have been crocheting like crazy trying to ignore the crazy weather we have been having and the fact that my truck is broken down and I can't go anywhere. I am definately trying to take advantage of this time and get as much crocheting done as possible. So that hopefully when it gets closer to Christmas I can relax cause all of the afgans will be done long before then. I would love to have a Christmas where I didn't end up staying up until 2am wrapping and getting everything done.
So even thought it doesn't look like I have accomplished much I feel greatly rested and like I am getting ahead personally.