Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy & Tired

Well it has been a busy couple of days but also exhausting. Katie's cough still has not gone away and whenever it rains it seems to get worse. Went to the docs today and he says it is post-nasal drip and told us to get her a Netty Pot to clear out her sinuses. We will see how that goes tonight we are going to do it right before she goes to bed. Then we will keep our fingers crossed.
Until tomorrow though I get to wait in angst as when I got home I forgot to check messages and the gyne's office called that they have my surgery date for my laparoscopy. Hoping that it does not conflict with my practicum or graduation, that would suck. But what needs to be done needs to be done.
On the bright side though I have started the latest afghan and have decided the colors will be light brown and dark brown with the pattern being large squares with large borders. I think that will look good and hopefully my idea comes to fruition about it looking good.

Has anyone out there tried a Netty Pot and do they work?