Monday, April 18, 2011

And The Studting Begins Again

Yep, that's right the studying has begun again. This time it is for Biology 12. I plan to take my first Module exam this week and then finish off the next 2 module exams over the week after so that I can officially be done with Biology.
After that I plan on doing Principles of Math 11 then on to Chem 11 all are which pre-requisites into nursing. So that once I have a job and have money saved that I will be able to start on getting my nursing degree. I've got to keep moving forward with this if I ever want to get to my ultimate destination. Plus, all this learning is good for my brain.
Other than that the plans I have for today is to visit the Gyne for some of my body issues. Things are still not working right with my body and I am getting really annoyed with it. Wish me luck that there will actually be something that he can do about it.