Monday, April 25, 2011

Afgan Time & Keeping Busy

So happy to report that I got all of the squares done for the rest of the afgan. I plan to spend the day today putting the rest of the afgan together. Then I just have to pick a pattern and the colors for my grandparents afgan.

Any suggestions as to colors I should use or any particular pattern?

Another big thing today is I am once again trying to quit smoking. I only have one cigarrette left and plan to not go and buy any more. I feel pretty good about it this time. Just have to keep myself busy and I think crocheting all day and starting a new afgan will be perfect to keep my fingers busy and the cravings at bay. Which will be super important since I am planning on doing this without any patches or medications. It will be better healthwise and on the money front as well.

Anyone out there have any suggestions as to how to get through a tough craving?