Monday, March 21, 2011


Sitting at school in the computer labs just finished doing my summary paper on Childhood Schizophrenia what a huge topic. Can't believe how much it is diagnosed as autism and what not. Also, finished up a letter for my business communications class. I have applied for a few jobs over the last week as the term is coming to an end then after my practicum I will be graduating and I am already itching to get out and work again.
Major source for this is MONEY. It seems there is never enough and living on what the government gives you teaches you just how far you can make a dollar stretch. It would be nice to have a job and a little more money left over at the end of the day. In a couple of months is when the big spening will come into play. My stepdaughter will be graduating from high school, my youngest will be graduating from elementary school and I, myself will be graduating from college. So at this point every dollar counts. I have been following the Simple Dollar for quite some time now and alot of what he says makes sense when it comes to finances.
Just yesterday my daughter went to a birthday party and the present she gave was her first guitar which she has out grown and it was replaced with a newer one for Christmas. Her friend didn't seem to care that it was a used item as she was more thrilled with the fact that someone gave her a guitar. So the idea of re-gifting is a good one when used in the right way.
Well TA TA for now I guess I should get back to work on my biz com stuff.