Thursday, March 31, 2011


I cannot believe the audacity of some people. Not to name anyone in particular but I think that when someone has gone out of their way on an almost daily basis to help you out via money, rides and time to slap them in the face is ridiculous. It's really sad that some people are so bitter and live in the world where they feel a pure sense of entitlement. Then to call that person who has helped so much a liar shows a complete lack of respect and just goes to show that everything that was done for them and their family was not appreciated in the least.
I feel for my loved one who has to deal with having had people in his life like this and I hope that he knows he is loved and appreciated at home.
Do things like this bother you? I just wish that people like that had to carry signs around their neck as a warning to everyone they come into contact with, don't you nagree?