Friday, March 11, 2011

Re: Crochet

Well now I am really proud of myself I recently learned how to crochet and am going to be making simple square afghans for everyone for Christmas this year. I am left handed so it was a little bit challenging to learn how to do this but with helpful websites on learning to crochet left handed, I have mastered the art of the single crochet. :)
It has been really busy trying to crochet and stay on top of my course work but so far I've managed it without my grades slipping at all. School is going to be ending really quickly and it feels like this term has been going by so much faster than last term. Then starting in May I get to do my practicum it is at a place that does PET scans which I think is awesomely cool. I can't wait and then after I get to look for a job even though I wish I was working already. Cause it would be nice to have some extra money again. I never realized that living on what the government gives while going to school is not a sufficient amount.
Things on the weight loss thing have been going really well I am now under 140lbs and am really excited bout getting back into running because one of my personal goals I have set is to run a marathon by the time I am 35 so time is running out so to speak.