Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am really looking forward to this weekend. I finally convinced Darcy that we should sort and get rid of things in the house via the dump and a garage sale. So this weekend we are going to sort all of our stuff and what we don't take to the dump we are going to try to sell. Anything that doesn't sell will be taken to either the Salvation Army or Value Village. I think it will be completely invigorating to get this done and enevitably end up with more useable space in the house, as I always feel like there is no space and nowhere to put anything.
Other than that I also have a transcription test to study for but only need to study the spelling and meanings of certain words so that will be nice and easy. Going to work on my portfolio tomorrow and go to the portfolio workshop that our professor is holding instead of class next Tuesday. So I will have lots of stuff to do to keep myself busy over the next couple of days on top of looking for a job.